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Raztec Sensors was formed in 1992 and since then have been designing, manufacturing and supplying Hall Effect current transducers to some of the worlds most critical and demanding users.

Over the past twenty-plus years many millions of our current sensors have been designed into failure intolerant applications where Raztec’s refusal to accept anything other than the very highest standard of manufacturing excellence has resulted in a reputation that is the envy of companies significantly larger and perhaps better known.

At Raztec we are proud to operate a quality management system that is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 by Telarc.

Our Products

RAZP - 2000

• Ultra-Compact Sensing Probe
• Current Measurement from 2000A through to 20,000A


• Compact Precision
• High Speed
• Low cost up to 250A


• Hermetically Sealed
• Cable Mounted


• Compact, PCB Mount
• Machine Insertable
• 10mA to 80A


• Super Low Current Series • Current Sensing 10mA – 120A


• Measures high currents – DC or AC
• Very fast response
• Ideal for overlad detection
• Split core options
• Attractive cost

Technology Overview

Raztec specializes in high performance open-loop current sensors, mostly for custom applications where off the shelf sensors fall short in one or more qualities. We work closely with our customers to ensure the best solution for each application.

Our Design and Manufacturing Headquarters is located in the city of Christchurch. Christchurch has long been recognized as the Electronics hub of New Zealand’, with an extremely high percentage of New Zealand’s technology companies located there. As such, Raztec are able to utilize the services of a number of high technology assemble houses in order to provide outstanding build quality, excellent turnaround times and variable volume production at world beating prices.

UL/CE Test labs are available for compliance testing to achieve suitable product certification when required. There are also specialist test labs in Christchurch that are able to perform HALT and HASS accelerated life and stress testing.

Apart from their own brand current sensors Raztec manufacture a range of Private Label devices for other companies, the largest of which has annual sales exceeding US$39 billion.


Industry Experience

Raztec’s range of sensors provide a safe, galvanically isolated means of accurate and dependable current measurement and are used in many applications and markets:



Battery Management







With energy management assuming a role of greater significance in all areas of industry, Raztec Engineering have been commissioned with designing current sensing solutions for a broader range of associated applications. 

Our sensors can economically measure currents as low as 10mA with galvanic isolation. At the extreme, we can also economically measure tens of thousands of amps.

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