About Us

By focusing on current transducers we can produce the best quality, price, and technical support.

It has been estimated that within the USA metropolitan areas, you are never more that two miles away from a Raztec Hall Effect current transducer!

Meet The Team

Debbie Pettigrew

Chief Executive Officer

As a Director, and qualified with a Bachelor of Business Studies, Debbie provides the financial oversight for Raztec. Debbie ensures Raztec is well resourced to deliver custom current sensing solutions and works closely with key partners.

Warren Pettigrew

Chief Technical Officer

With over 40 years experience in electrical and electronic engineering, Warren is a globally recognised expert in current sensing and founding engineer in one of New Zealand’s largest electronics companies, Dynamic Controls. As a Director Warren manages all engineering matters for Raztec.

Claudia Pettigrew

Production Manager

Claudia is a long time and experienced member of the Raztec team. Claudia manages the production team and ensures the necessary resource is available to meet customer requirements.

Graeme Absalom

Quality Manager

A certified Quality Auditor, Graeme oversees Total Quality Management at Raztec. Graeme’s customer focussed approach to quality ensures Raztec’s ISO9001 certification drives the business to produce the highest quality products.

Aron Rich

Design Engineer

Aron is responsible for production engineering, production test equipment and all software generation. Aron works closely with Warren to engineer many of the custom solutions Raztec provides.

About Us

Who Are The Customers?

Raztec Sensors are recognized by many of our customers for our ability to provide top-quality performance at a very effective market price. Working with clients such as Dunkermotoren/AMETEK, Siemens, Wrightspeed, Komatsu, Panasonic Electric Works , Marinco, Techna-Tool, Metropolitan Pumps, Dynamic Controls, has provided us the opportunity to engineer solutions that are specific to our clients’ application. This has resulted in a current transducer that provides exactly the output required for perfect control of the customers specific application – at the most competitive price possible.

Need A Custom Solution?

Raztec are specialists in designing customised Hall Effect current sensors to suit almost any type of application. A large proportion of the products we sell are customised towards our customers needs. If you have a particular need that an off-the-shelf sensor just can’t meet, then contact us about designing a current sensor to meet your requirements.


In Europe we are proud to partner with our distributor ANGST + PFISTER:

Manufacturing Philosophy

We contract to specialist assembly houses so that we focus on our strengths:

The design of the most economical current sensing solutions and providing solutions that are just too challenging for others. 

Christchurch Environment

Christchurch is the electronics technology hub for New Zealand.  

There are extensive specialist resources available in the city that support the industry.

Specialist UL/CE certified test labs are available for additional testing such as HALT and HASS. 

Climatic chambers are available for environmental testing.

New Zealand Position

The cost and competency of Research and Development in New Zealand is very competitive on an international basis.

There are attractive government subsidies for Research and Development.

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