Current Sensing in the Pumping Industry

Metropolitan Industries engineer and manufacture custom pumping and control solutions that solve a wide variety of water movement and management challenges across North America. They simplify complex solutions through a range of packaged and control & monitoring systems. For Metropolitan, accurate current measurement is essential for accurate system monitoring.

Metropolitan Industries pumping solutions demand accurate system measurement, to ensure smooth continuous operation and asset protection for their customers. Accurate current measurement is essential for accurate system monitoring. When Metropolitan Industries were looking for current sensors that could provide the level of accuracy required in a compact, reliable format they turned to Raztec; the custom current sensor specialists

Raztec’s RAZC-2 is a compact, highly accurate, high speed sensor designed for PCB through hole mounting to simplify manufacturing:

RAZC-2 Mounted (File Image)

RAZC-2 is used in Metropolitan’s Ion Genesis, Ion Endeavour & Ion Sumpro pump controllers for a range of residential sump & sewerage applications. RAZC-2 senses the AC current drawn by the pumping loads. This data is used to display accurate load current, indicating alarm conditions that protect customer pumps; extend asset lifetime and reduce maintenance costs.

Raztec is proud of their long relationship with Metropolitan Industries, and the part Raztec sensors play in keeping North American water moving.  As James Nimmer, Embedded Systems Engineer at Metropolitan Industries testifies:

“Raztec’s products are very designer friendly, have higher accuracy than other products we’ve tested, and all of this at a good price point”



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