MPC Kinetic Customer Solution Profile

Kinetic Logging Services (KLS) is a geophysical logging service provider to the mining industry and part of a larger group MPC
Kinetic. KLS acquires data by lowering and retrieving instrumentation down the drill holes. They run a fleet of vehicles with high output 14V 220A alternators on the engine that provides DC power for our 230VAC inverters, electric winches, DC powered hydraulic power units, multiple air conditioning and hydraulic cooling thermo fans, computers and ancillary equipment.

Customer Problem

The systems on dual alternator equipped vehicles consume a high level of current of between 110A-300A+ (particularly the hydraulics up to 190A). Failure of one alternator can lead to the vehicle shutting down as the batteries are required to provide the additional
current required and they become depleted. The loss of an alternator prevents KLS from operating reliably and leads to lost revenue.

KLS needed a monitoring system to allow the vehicle operator to monitor the alternator operation and detect issues immediately.

Raztec Sensors Solution

KLS mounted two Raztec RAZFL-504MMCG sensors on the alternator output cables to monitor alternator current.

KLS used a programmable display with two analogue inputs, a 12VDC to 5VDC converter for the RAZFL-504MMCG supply and two RAZFL-504MMCG Moulded Current Sensors for the pair of 12V 220A alternators on the vehicle.

The display output was scaled to reflect the 0-220A out of each alternator. The new system has already been used to diagnose a faulty alternator.

“Our Raztec sensor equipped display allows our operators to rapidly diagnose alternator
faults saving time and money.”

Peter Bloomfield Engineering Manager
Kinetic Logging Services MPC Kinetic Pty Ltd

RAZFL Product Data

High performance, compact cable mounted current sensor for installation into rugged environments where a fully sealed product is required to assure reliability. The device is available in ratings up to 1000A, cannot be damaged by overload and is compatible with
computer systems with its single 5V supply requirement.

Operating temperatureTA-40 to +100̊ C
Storage temperatureTstg-65 to +110̊ C
Supply voltageVs6V
Output sinking currentIo10mA
Measured currentImLimited only by conductorA

Need a custom solution?

Raztec are specialists in designing customised Hall Effect current sensors to suit almost any type of application. A large proportion of the products we sell are customised towards our customers’ needs. If you have a particular need that an off-the-shelf sensor just can’t meet, then contact us about designing a current sensor to meet your requirements.

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