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The Raztec technical team are globally recognized experts in current sensing, download our Technical Papers to take advantage of this knowledge.

Current Sensing in an Automotive Environment

What qualities are needed for Current Sensing in an Automotive Enviornment

Current Sensing for
Photovoltaic Cells

Photovoltaic panels for solar conversion are rapidly decreasing in price and their application for green energy is continually growing world-wide. This paper describes some of the features needed in current sensors for PV applications.

Measuring High and Low Currents with One Sensor

We get frequent enquiries from customers wanting to measure some hundreds of amps and then with the same sensor measure tens of milliamps.
Read how this can be achieved.

Lithium Battery Gauging, Coulomb Counting and Current Sensing

The estimation of the state of charge (SOC) of a lithium battery is technically difficult, particularly in applications that don’t fully charge the battery or fully discharge it. Read about our solution to this.

Electric Vehicle Industry Current Sensing Needs

There are a number of ways and means of sensing current in an EV environment, read our summary.

Shunt vs. Current Sensors

Read our comparison of shunt vs. current sensors.

Current sensor speed

Tech paper speed.

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