UPS Servis Customer Service Profile

Industry Focus: Solar

UPS Servis is a Czech based company that specialises in providing power quality services and solutions to the electrical industry. When UPS Servis partnered with Schneider to provide a measurement and monitoring system for two solar projects near Prague, they chose Raztec sensors.

Customer Problem

UPS Servis needed a current sensor for their measurement boards with longevity, accuracy and very specific technical specifications. Their first two suppliers’ products either failed after an unacceptably short time or needed re-calibrating after only a year of use. 

“When we talked to a company all the way from New Zealand, Raztec, and our problems were solved. They even modified their design to better match our needs” says Boris Grinac, UPS Servis Managing Director.


Raztec Sensors Solution

Raztec customised their RAZ3 Hall Effect Current sensor to meet UPS Servis requirements. The Raztec sensors and UPS Servis measurement boards are installed in a harsh environment. Temperatures during summer on sunny days can exceed 80 ̊C. Now after more than two years of operation the Raztec sensors have shown exceptional reliability, very small zero drift and high gain stability.

“Our largest DC measurement system yet, utilising 2000 RAZ3 sensors, has been made possible by the exceptional build quality and expert technical support of Raztec”.
Boris Grinac
Managing Director, UPS Servis

RAZ3 Product Data

RAZ3 is a CE certified Hall Effect Current Transducer
offering excellent linearity and low hysteresis with 2%
calibration accuracy. It has a very convenient and
compact machine-insertable package which has mains
voltage rating and compliance.

Maximum Ratings (TA = 25 ̊C )

Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Operating temperature
-40 to + 85
̊ C
Storage temperature
-65 to +110
̊ C
Supply voltage
Maximum measured current

Need a custom solution?

Raztec are specialists in designing customised Hall Effect current sensors to suit almost any type of application. A large proportion of the products we sell are customised towards our customers’ needs. If you have a particular need that an off-the-shelf sensor just can’t meet, then contact us about designing a current sensor to meet your requirements.Contact us to learn more



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